Ostheimer's handcrafted figures of animals, people and buildings invite children to create new imaginative worlds of play over and over again! Since 1959, this German-based company has been hand-producing these figures made from sustainably forested wood, natural oils and non-toxic paint, with a careful eye for designs that will stand the test of time. 

Many beloved Ostheimer figures have been passed down for generations, some figures are retired as new ones join the ranks, all the while encouraging the open-ended play that is so important in child development. While occasionally wood can break, it is easily repaired with wood glue and can continue to be a favorite toy for your little one, unlike the plastic toys that line the landfills.

Each step in the production of these figures, sawing, forming and painting, gives the figures their unique expressions and personal character, a quality that machine-made toys can never duplicate. 

The Ostheimer community values its workers, its material and environment and the people who love their products around the world.  There is no better example of stewardship that we can provide our children.