About us

Matrushka Toys and Gifts first came to be in 1991, in the lobby of our local Waldorf school as a tiny, non-profit shop showcasing beautiful art materials and playthings. Thirty years and two locations later, it had grown into a family-owned hub of healthy family living, featuring unique, sustainable goods that bring the beauty of nature and heirloom-quality toys to children and the wider community. 

Owner Brooke Redpath is a mother of three (now teens) and has put together a curated collection of toys, gifts, clothing, books and special things that support a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to find unique, open-ended toys which can be used throughout childhood to enhance different developmental stages of growth. These toys and products, sourced from Fair Trade companies whenever possible, enhance our lives in many ways - some of the benefits and goals include:

-using little or no plastic in the toys or the packaging

-producing wooden toys that can be used by multiple generations

-providing toys or children's products with multiple uses, that 'grow' with the child and remain relevant throughout their development

-supporting small-production companies, or companies that support working mothers to allow them to feed their children and send them to school.

-providing a source for cooperative games and open-ended toys, to teach compassion, teamwork and partnership in achieving one's goals

-showcasing clothing (often organic) that is made to be played in - sturdily made and age-appropriate, from brands we have come to love and appreciate

-being a support to families who want to explore the options outside of mainstream marketing for educational, creative, sustainable and unique playthings and gifts for children and others.

Our founders named the store after the beautiful Matrushka (or Matryoshka) Russian Nesting Dolls; as each doll is opened, a new and exciting discovery is found inside. We hope the store will be the same for you, always with an unexpected delight to be found. Enjoy!


Brooke at Matrushka marble run


Matrushka street view