Waytoplay Toys King of the Road Set, 40 pc

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This Highway Road Set is a 40-piece natural rubber road way made in the Netherlands. It can be used with Grimm's wooden toys to create endless adventures.

Waytoplay encourages imaginative play without screens or electronics. These road sets are made specifically with open ended play in mind and can also be used with Grimm’s, Wobbel and Ostheimer toys to entice the imagination. These are suggestions for other open ended toys that can work well to create a make-believe scene for a child. The PVC is durable and can be used outside and inside. The 100% PVC that makes up the road sets is child-safe and sourced from Germany. The PVC is also BPA, cadmium, PAH and Phthalate free. This product is formulated and shaped in Germany but painted in the Netherlands. 


Product details: 

Ages: 3+

Made in: sourced and formed Germany, painted in the Netherlands

Size: 11 x 6 cm

Weight: 115 ounces

Safety: Waytoplay road tracks are made of 100% child safe and durable PVC. They conform to the highest USA and European EN-71 norm for toys.

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