Ostheimer Donkey (nativity)

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This gentle donkey from Ostheimer would look lovely lying next to the manger of a classic nativity or in the company of any of the Ostheimer farm animals. The watercolor paints and wood used to make this figure are environmentally safe and child-friendly. Crafted entirely by hand in Germany.

Ostheimer toys are made entirely by hand in Germany. This ensures that the toys are each unique and well-made to last for generations. This company is Waldorf-inspired and committed to producing toys that give children a pleasant view of animals and human beings in the world. Free imaginative play readies children for challenging aspects of their life as they experience the beauty of childhood and develop. The texture of the natural wood is preserved through paints and organic oils that are environmentally-friendly and stand up to strict safety standards. 


Product details: 

Ages: 3+

Made in: Germany by hand

Size: 4 x 3 inches

Weight: 1.9 oz

Safety: All materials used by us are certified and comply with the standard of the toy safety norms EN71.


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